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Luxury villas in Italy

Luxury Living in Le Marche: A&G Real Estate's Exclusive Collection

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled luxury of A&G Real Estate's luxury properties for sale in Italy. A curated collection that defines sophistication and refinement. Explore our luxury houses in Le Marche, ranging from the pretty Sibillini National Park to the Adriatic Coast. With architectural masterpieces and premium amenities, these villas exemplify the epitome of Italian luxury living.


Diverse Selection of Luxury Villas for Sale in Italy, Le Marche and Umbria

Discover a variety of luxury homes in Le Marche and Umbria, each with its own special charm. Whether you like modern houses, beautifully fixed-up old ones, or homes you can customize, we have something for every taste. Our collection includes houses with private gardens or parks, creating a nice mix of luxury and peacefulness in safe and fenced areas. This guarantees you a special and exclusive living experience.


Prime Locations of our Luxury Villas for Sale In Italy

Explore great spots in the lovely areas of Macerata, Fermo, and Ascoli Piceno, picked carefully to show off the beauty of Marche. The villas, on hills gently sloping down to the sea, come with big green areas. This makes a chill vibe, letting folks enjoy a peaceful life filled with the region's traditions and culture.


Captivating Marche Landscape: A Serene Backdrop for your Villa

The beautiful Marche landscape, with its hills, lush views, and vibrant greenery, creates a perfect setting for a dreamy living experience. The region's magic is in how it provides a calm background for our fancy houses, turning them into more than just homes – they're like doors to a fantastic way of life. These houses are carefully put in spots that let people soak up the natural beauty of Le Marche, showing our dedication to mixing luxury with the timeless charm of the area.


A&G Real Estate: Your guide to choosing your property to buy in Italy

Our dedicated staff at A&G Real Estate possesses a deep understanding of the luxury, italian real estate market in Italy and, specifically, Le Marche. Allow us to guide you through the selection process, ensuring you find a luxury villa for sale in Italy, that not only aligns with your preferences and budget, but also resonates with the unique charm of the region. With insights into local markets and a passion for matching clients with their dream homes, we are committed to turning your vision into a reality.


Embark on a Refined Living Experience in Italy, Le Marche

Embark on a refined living experience in Le Marche with A&G Real Estate. Our exclusive villas for sale in Italy offer more than just luxurious living spaces; they provide a gateway to the heart of Italian culture and elegance. Your extraordinary lifestyle awaits as you choose the epitome of luxury – a captivating villa in the heart of Le Marche.

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