Farmhouses and country houses for sale in Le Marche

Country Houses and Villas for Sale in Italy, Le Marche

Discovering Le Marche is like embarking on a journey that engages all five senses. Thanks to the wonderful environmental diversities found in the five provinces of Le Marche:

1. Pesaro

2. Ancona

3. Macerata

4. Fermo

5. Ascoli Piceno

Each property in Italy featured on this page has been carefully selected by the A&G Real Estate team, based in Amandola but operating throughout the region. Much of our work involves researching new country houses, villas, and farmhouses to add to the selection of properties available for sale.


Our region, Le Marche, offers a variety of distinctive features, both in terms of landscape, culture, gastronomy, and living environment. Here, you won't find large cities. In fact, the most populated locality is Ancona, with around 100,000 inhabitants.


This aspect is significant when considering the purchase of a house in Le Marche, as it ensures a higher quality of life, quieter and more relaxing. Life here is less hectic, allowing you to live in close contact with nature.


A&G offers an extensive selection of country houses in Italy, Le Marche, including newly built, restored, or to-be-restored cottages. We are the ideal partner to help you choose the right country house in Le Marche for you!


Country Houses in Italy, Le Marche

Explore Country Houses for Sale in Ancona and Pesaro: Your Personal Oasis

Our country houses for sale represent buildings located in practically isolated natural areas, just a few minutes from both urban centers and the coast. These homes can serve as the main residence for a couple, a family, or an individual seeking tranquility. Alternatively, they could function as a second home, ideal for holidays, both in the summer near the sea and in winter with snow.


From the hills of Ancona to the shores of Pesaro, we offer a range of ancient homes for sale, each with its unique charm. Whether you are looking for a country house with a panoramic view or a rustic overlooking the sea, we provide the ideal option to meet your preferences.


Country Houses in Italy, Le Marche: A Refuge of Tranquility

Our country houses for sale offer not only a home but a lifestyle. Imagine the luxury of waking up to the sound of birds singing and enjoying breathtaking sunsets over the countryside. Buying a country house in Le Marche means embracing the serenity of rural life, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


The country houses for sale presented here may be ready for habitation or still in need of restoration. In both cases, the work has been done before the sale.


It is crucial to understand that every original and traditional element from the property's era has been preserved entirely. Our renovation and restoration interventions are characterized by a careful and detailed approach. We support the reuse of materials to breathe new life into the past, making it more modern and innovative without changing its essence.


Parameters to Consider in the Selection

Country houses for sale in Italy, Le Marche represent one of the most prestigious and exclusive residential options. It is a sector that involves true enthusiasts, both among those selling properties and those looking for a home.


These structures are also suitable for starting various activities, such as a hotel, a holiday home, a bed and breakfast, a farm, and many more. Let's see what criteria to consider during the selection:


1. Context: The location plays a crucial role. The optimal location is characterized by privacy but is also close to major modern services. This allows the house to offer the utmost in terms of comfort and exclusivity.


2. Condition: Do you prefer a property to be renovated or one already restored by professionals respecting seismic, energy, and insulation regulations? Both options are valid, and the choice depends on the desired degree of customization. If customization is crucial, a property requiring more significant intervention might be preferable.


3. Exterior Quality: The presence of surrounding land is a significant additional advantage, further enhancing the property.


Our Experience

A&G draws on over a decade of experience in the field of real estate consulting for the sale of country houses in Italy, Le Marche. A&G provides competent professionals attentive to the Italian real estate market to fully satisfy clients and handle every aspect of buying and selling.



Are you looking for houses, villas, and country houses for sale in Italy, Le Marche? This page is right for you.


A&G Immobiliare offers various types of properties on this site, including country houses, rustic houses, and luxury country houses. These properties are for sale in Le Marche, especially in the provinces of Fermo and Macerata.


A&G is a real estate agency specializing in the sale of luxury homes in the villages of Le Marche. We offer new or restored villas and country houses, ready for use or for restoration. Some of them, thanks to their splendid locations, are also perfect as accommodation facilities.


If you love good food, the beauty of nature, historical and cultural traditions, and a relaxed lifestyle, then Le Marche is your ideal place.