The A&G Real Estate promotes the charme, the elegance and the Italian tradition in the world but, above all, Le Marche.


In fact, since more than 30 years our customers want to rediscover the emotion, the secrets, the charme of those places where time has stopped, maintaining the original history and the semplicity of the time. It is for this reason that our agency focuses on the constant search of properties that have a real soul, able to attrack and to get the eventual buyer involved. We give the property lots of attention, checking all its aspects, its commercial, legal and fiscal conformity as well as the integrity of the natural context, the beauty of the settings, the access and the absence of negative elements that might provoke noise and disturb the view.



The A&G Real Estate pays attention to your requirements and wants to help you step by step to make your dreams come true.

You can enjoy the following services


– Personalized search in the local district and nationwide;

– Detailed information of the property sent via email including full pictures , description, price and location.

– Arra ngement of properties’ inspections and visits;

– Access to MIA Group Vendor s’ (Associated Realtors) database;

– Technical and legal consutancy and loans and mortgages with the best banks at convenient rates.;

– Arrangement of the preliminary contract and the public deed of sale;

– Translation and interpratation ;

– Full assistance until the signing of the deed of sale;

– Post-sale services.



A&G Real Estate increases the aspect of your property to reveal the emotion of its soul.

You can enjoy the following services:


– Valuation of property;

– Location of the best applicants’ market : national or international;

– Assistance for the submission of the paperworks needed for the sale;

– Professional album of internal/external photographs;

– Analysis and graphic plan of the picture;

– Adverts on national and international dedicated magazines.

– Adverts on national and international networks with a detailed description of the property

– Access to MIA Group Buyers’ (Associated Realtors)

– Promotion in national and international events

– Accurate selection and management of the prospective buyer

– Arrange of preliminary contract and final deed

– Translation and interpretation

– Full assistance up to the final deed



– Property’s video, DVD.





· It is important to find out if there are any mortgages existing on the property or any legal problems relating to its current ownership;

· Title deeds to the property (are these by inheritance, act of purchase, deed of gift);

· License of suitability for building, building permit;

– Conformità catastale dell’immobile;

– Certificato di Prestazione Energetica (APE);

· Have there been any requests for an amnesty relating to an infringement of local building regulations. Are there any receipts relating to payment of any fines;

· Condition of the property; has any work on the structure and utilities (electricity, gas, water and central heating) been carried out according to regulations;

· If the property is part of a condominium, ask for the minutes of the last meeting of the administration. Check to see if there are any outstanding maintenance costs relating to the property. In addition see if service charges relating to the condominium have been paid regularly. (A certificate to this effect should be issued by the administrator of the condominium);

· If you are considering the purchase of a country property with agricultural land attached, make sure that there are no pre-emptive rights to the property and if you need to complete all the paperwork laid out in Art. 3 of Law No 590 dated May 1965 and its subsequent modifications;

· In case of a building which is being constructed, check that the builder and developer are solvent and financially sound. If there is a company involved check that it is not in receivership by means of a legal certificate;

· Buying a property is an important decision and all aspects of the purchase must be considered carefully and cautiously.


We, at A&G Immobiliare, have always been known for professionalism, courtesy and honesty. We guarantee to look after, on your behalf, all the topics covered above and to assist you, the buyer, with any problems relating to them.

If you are planning to buy a property or need assistance with any aspect relating to a purchase, please call us. We are waiting to help you.