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On this website there is an exclusive catalog of homes for sale in Miami, Tampa and Orlando Florida, there are apartments and houses for sale for all tastes.

This is the best time to choose Miami homes for sale to buy at extraordinary prices, an easy investment with broad prospects; it means making a certain investment both from the point of view of guaranteed profitability, and of the tourist requests for rent, which as a revaluation over the years.
Miami is one of the richest cities in the United States and ranks fifth in the world in terms of purchasing power.

Many media are paying more and more attention to the growing phenomenon of homes for sale in Miami and real estate investments in the US by Italians, on average every 10 homes purchased in Italy 1 is bought abroad.

At A&G we are aware of the concerns involved in the purchase of apartments and houses abroad and the problems of remote management, so we are ready to follow you fully and resolve all your doubts about all the houses for sale.